The Plan

Seth and I sat down the other day to plan out this epic adventure. The idea of simplicity is big in this all, but 5 kids a dog and very limited income calls for some planning. Our biggest concern was to avoid zig-zagging the country. Gas in a giant white van is pretty expensive, so our goal was to turn it into one giant loop. The things we knew we wanted were a lot. To be in Silverton for the Silverton 6, 12,and 24 hour run and the Hardrock 100 mile endurance run, to travel through Yellowstone, to make it to Washington State to see some friends, to drive down through Portland for yummy veganness, and a week of summer camp at the marine mammal rehibilitation center for the big two T’s.

Did I not mention it was all planned on a placemat map?

Did I not mention it was all planned on a placemat map?

By far, Silverton is our favorite place to camp. The fact that the kids can play, just play, is a huge allure to me as a free range Mama. Creeks, green stuff, mountains, and a super small town. What more can you ask for? Although on a previous trip, two littles did end up venturing too far and caused a little stress including some running in a boot (recent stess fracture) for this lady. It all worked out just fine. So Silverton for as long as possible that was the goal. The Silverton Alpine 6, 12, 24 hour race is at the end of June and Tajh is done with school at the beginning of June, so looks like we get outselves a cool month in Silverton. We are picking some peaks and really going to get out there. Handies almost wrecked me last year (remember the boot thing) so this year I need to not be a giant girl. Seth decided he wants to check out Hardrock and after the fun I had last year I just couldn’t pass that up! So silverton until after Hardrock it is.

Before Handies wrecked me. Lack of boot means I thought it was a good idea to leave it in the car. *Not smart!

Before Handies wrecked me. Lack of boot means I thought it was a good idea to leave it in the car. *Not smart!

Once the Hardock party comes to an end, we are planning to drive up through Wyoming to Yellowstone. Although this will be a quick stop, for Tajh this will a huge highlight of the trip. This kid is a animal nut and when Yellowstone was mentioned he actually looked up from his book! Leaving Yellowstone will take us through Idaho and Montana (im going to sleep this part) to Washington. With Seth running Cascade Crest in August, and our much loved friends moving to the State recently, Washinton was a must for us. Between running parts of the course, our littles visiting with there little friends (and us getting to see our big friends) Washington should be an all around good time! Maybe a race for the kids there? Might be nice for them to try out something new.

After Washington, it’s all downhill, or coast that is. With a quick stop in Portland for yummy vegan food (and maybe a tattoo) our eventual destination is Laguna Beach. Tajh and Tea will be getting a weeks worth of learning at the Marine mammal rehibilitation center. We randomly found this place a couple year ago and fell in love. The work they do is amazing and being able to go see all the animals is awesome for the kids. This will be Tajh’s third year and Tea’s first, they both are super stoked. On the way to camp is still up for talks. We had hopes (long shot hopes) of getting Whitney permits and getting a couple days in there, but unfortunetly that’s a no go. So maybe some other peaks in California? I know there are some awesome people there we would love to hang out with too, more planning to be done!

Is he homeless or camping? Exactly...

Is he homeless or camping? Exactly…

Straight home after camp brings us to school starting for the big two. Although it’s exciting to have our plan it’s still somewhat sad to see that yes, this is coming to an end at some point. The big two will be at school for a week , and then Seth and I hop on a plane to head back to Washington and for him to do his first 100 miler. I’m excited for that Seth-Sabrina bonding time, and what’s funny is this will be the first time the two of us have gone away (for more than a night) together without the kids. Crazy stuff, it takes a divorce before we go on a trip together. This is going to be a huge bonding time for us all. For the children, it will be a chance to be outside all day, everyday where children belong and it will serve as a good reminder to Seth and I why we choose to follow our own path.

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