A daily dose of cuteness.

Tennyson came into our lives at 5 weeks old. She spent that entire 5 weeks in the NICU due to some unfavorable womb conditions.Then she was a tiny 5 pound alien. She slept and sometimes ate, never really growing too much. Well into her 2’s her speech just wasn’t there and, as a mom, I stressed. During this time we happened to be very into listening to Adele as we played, cleaned, and went about our business throughout the day. One day something happened, my baby started to sing. Adele came booming out of this tiny 22lb soaking-wet frame. From that day on, my little sings all day every day. Here’s a little share, the second half is when she really gets into it. And also please note, little brothers are not conducive to adorable sister moments!

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One thought on “A daily dose of cuteness.

  1. precious, precious, precious!

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