I’m a Super Mom


When I first began thinking of starting a blog the name that always seemed “right” to me was:

I’m a Super Mom and you’re not so go F yourself



For some reason this always seemed fitting. I’m constantly feeling judgment from others for the choices I make as a parent and it always seems to come from a place of them feeling what I do is telling them they are not good enough. So I’ll take the time to tell you all the reason I am a Super Mom, and you are not:


-I feed my kids a healthy vegan diet

-I take my kids outside, all the time

-I encourage my children to explore

-I don’t allow money to determine our adventures

-I show my children the world

-I expect my kids to be kind

-I am kind to others

-I expect my children to do well in school

-I sent my kids to private school

-I don’t throw a party for them when they do what they should

-I let them dress themselves

-I don’t wear makeup which teaches my girls they are pretty just the way they are

-I expect my boys to open doors for me

-I wear my babies, no strollers!

-I don’t stress about the little things

-I push my children past their limits

-I find joy in life

-I laugh

-I sing in public

-I dance like no one is watching


With this small sampling of examples you can see, I’m clearly a Super Mom. The awesome thing is though, anyone can be. Find the things you value in human beings and teach them to your children. Let them value nature since it’s important for their future. Expect kindness, and give it. And most importantly, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. The happiness of my children is most important, and if that requires me to sing and dance in public to get us all back on track, you better believe I wont hesitate. Sometimes just smiling even though you are angry can make all the difference. I’m a Super Mom and you’re not, so go F yourself…. Or just be a Super Mom for your children.

Image*Proof* All good Super Moms fall asleep and ruin movies… Just saying….

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