Random non 14er Talk

A quick fill in to keep you all up to date! (seriously I know you can’t live without my words!)

After finishing Redcloud I knew I would need a little break from big mountains (I’m still possibly maybe, kinda broken and not willing to risk real injury and count myself out of all the fun for the rest of the trip). We headed to Ouray and decided sleeping in the car instead of setting up all our camping stuff would be best.

Sneaky Lady!

Sneaky Lady!


We found a nice little cooking spot and I perfected my biscuits and gravy recipe. All the little people love kicking it by the creek, throwing rocks, building stuff, and generally being hoodlums. I love the ease in cleaning dishes! (don’t judge I have a lot to clean…)

Hoodlums and to shenanigans I'm sure.

Hoodlums and to shenanigans I’m sure.


Jealous? Just come by, I'll cook you up something yummy too.

Jealous? Just come by, I’ll cook you up something yummy too.














Our awesome side of the road sleeping spot also brought some new friends!

New friends!

New friends!


The big 2 took a run up the Camp Bird road with Daddy (part of the Hardrock course) and enjoyed some fresh waterfall water and some awesome views. It was in small part a reconnaissance mission to see if this crazy Mom would be able to make the drive to the trail head for Mount Sneffels, a 14er that would be super fun! We began the drive and I made it to what looked like a crazy turn, huge drop off, and gnarly overhang… needless to say I freaked and backed out. Seth and the kids were awesome to take it on by foot, I’m thinking it might be a go… maybe…

They love exploring on foot!

They love exploring on foot!

While they ran, the little 3 and I hung out. Tay found his first snake in the wild! Apparently he even gets scared! He was the awesome little brother that he is and watched over the snake until Tajh came back so he could share in the awesomeness.

Kickin it Tenny style! "Mommy why can't I jump into the creek from here?!"

Kickin it Tenny style! “Mommy why can’t I jump into the creek from here?!”

Snake! Tay was "still shaking" for a while after the spotting.

Snake! Tay was “still shaking” for a while after the spotting.













After this big adventure we headed into Ouray to wander the streets and play in the Hot Springs. This was a big promise after our Redcloud summit for the kids and I have to say they were not disappointed! Both Tru and Tenny just finished ISR (youtube it) swim lessons and had a great time swimming, floating, and showing off!

After another night in the car, it’s Father’s day and Seth and the children are off exploring together while I do this silly blog thing!

I have to say, being homeless now for over a week now has been amazing. No plans, no obligations, just riding whichever way the wind takes us is pretty freeing! Not sure what tomorrow holds, but I can tell you it will probably be epic!

Do I look homeless or crazy? Maybe both?!

Do I look homeless or crazy? Maybe both?!


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