More Vegan Camping Food Goodness

One of the biggest search terms coming to our blog is “vegan camping food”.  So in an effort to give the people what they want, here is a little of what we cook on the road!

First and foremost for us, we like to hit up as much fresh fruits and veggies we can. Giving a child an apple as a snack always feels better to me than handing them anything packaged. One of the kids’ current favorite is being handed a whole mango. They simply peel as the eat, or eat the peel as well. The mess is worth it on this one!



Cauliflower, sweet potatoes and garlic salt!

Cauliflower, sweet potatoes and garlic salt!













With green veggies a little browning in oil, salt, and garlic usually does the trick for us. Cauliflower is a huge hit either browning with salt and pepper or cooking up some cauliflower fritters:

Boil cauliflower until tender enough to mash

add 1/2 cup of flour and 1 egg replacer per cauliflower head

salt and pepper to taste

form into patties and cook in oil until browned on both sides

Cauliflower Fritters...

Cauliflower Fritters…


With a smile!

With a smile!












When fresh isn’t an option, how we supplement to keep it cheap. Pancakes, biscuits, banana bread, all these can be made vegan in a jiffy! Play around with them and get creative. Add a little extra sugar to your biscuit dough and fry it in oil for some yummy vegan camping donuts (with jelly on top?). Canned chili might not seem too amazing, but add some fresh avocado and suddenly you’ve upped the nutritional value and deliciousness of the meal. Pasta can be a kid favorite with some fresh vegetables, oil, and garlic salt. Even boxed rice can be spiced up with some canned black beans and kale. Basically when running low on veggies and fruit, supplementing with carbs wont be the end of the world and will help you stretch out the super nutritional stuff.

Chili made Fancy

Chili made Fancy

Noodles and Veggies!

Noodles and Veggies!













Foraging- A wonderful Lady I know Mrs. Lylal Ledner convinced me foraging was a wonderful idea one day as I followed her around her beautiful farm, The Simple Farm. There with her I felt safe tasting everything despite the fact that I had no idea what it was. Convincing as she was, out on my own in the real world I got scared! So alas, no foraging was done except blackberries and a wonderful surprise of roadside strawberries one day. Sorry Lylah, one day I hope I can get up the courage! The beautiful possibilities that lie out there in the world that we don’t even know about are a perfect option for non scaredy cat vegans!

While strawberries found by the roadside!

While strawberries found by the roadside!

Favorite packed products-

Justin’s nut butter! Have you tried it? Squeeze packs make every child (and adult!) into happy campers plus they have vegan peanut butter cups (just the dark chocolate ones), I may be in love!

Lara Bars. Just dates and nuts? Yes please! Tons of awesome flavors for kids to choose from without the added sugar for mom to stress about, everyone is happy!

The moral of my cooking has become “just roll with it” some of our best meals have come when I thought we were going to be hungry that night. Sometimes your grill doesn’t work and you have to cook on the ground on a tiny Jetboil, roll with it. Sometimes you don’t have the correct utensils and find yourself improvising like a pro. Creativity is always the key!



You just make things work!

You just make things work!

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One thought on “More Vegan Camping Food Goodness

  1. Nicole

    Hi, I love the happy tone of this post…vegan doesn’t have to be a restrictive, unfun way of eating. I love the Justin’s packets for running fuel too, they don’t make me bonk the way that gels do. Quick question on what you guys are doing for protein substitutes? I’m doing raw vegan for awhile and I think my major source is packaged shake powder things, and cheating w tofu.

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