Ex’s Suck

Sometimes its hard to remember to breathe. To remember that you can’t make everything perfect and the pretty picture you would like. To remember that everyone has to make their own choices in the world and that you can do nothing about it. Deciding to be friends with an Ex takes that to the extreme. Attempting to look at your kids happiness, you ex’s wants, and your own happiness is a lot to keep in balance. Every day is a new learning experience and a new chance for growth.

Seth decided to run Cascade Crest 100 before our big summer adventure was planned. The kids would be in school the week before so flying there for the weekend was always the plan. Slowly the plans changed and instead of myself going with him it would be his +1 and instead of just a weekend trip it turned into a week long trip. Already this was slightly disheartening, but when we got back to Phoenix and realized finding a home would be harder then we had thought, remembering to breathe became harder.

I wanted to assume Seth would alter his plans. I mean, your kids are still not in their own space, they don’t have a place to call home, and you are pushing back the home search an entire week? To me it seemed to make sense to just shorten the trip a little. Come back early and continue in this house search. I thought doing this would be best for the kids, I thought it was an obvious plan. With all those I’s clearly I was forgetting to breathe.

Its takes a lot to step back from that situation and realize Seth is an adult and can make choices for himself, I can not change them. In the end I figured out where to stay, how to keep the little ones happy in this crazy situation, and that’s my job. The choices your Ex makes have nothing to do with your relationship with you kids, it only affects them. In the long run you can not make anyone change their behavior, even if you think it would be in the best interested of your kids. As a Mother my job is to keep the kids healthy and happy in whatever situation I am thrown. If down the line choices your Ex makes affect your kids, that is on your Ex, and their relationship with the children will be affected.

So, make the best of what you are given. We spent days at the park, time doing homework at Starbucks, did a crazy turn around trip to beautiful Colorado, and overall had an awesome adventure. Although remembering to breathe can be difficult, in the end silly arguments aren’t going to get you anywhere and will just negatively affect everyone involved. Let things go when they don’t really matter, make the best of everything,  take the chance to have a new adventure.

See it's so hard for me to remember I had to get it tattooed on my wrist!

See it’s so hard for me to remember I had to get it tattooed on my wrist!

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5 thoughts on “Ex’s Suck

  1. Anonymous

    You selfish bitch. Where do u come off being so high and mighty? You have used Seth and his family for your own gain and for everyone else to support you. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask what have you done for anyone but yourself. You feel the world owes you a living and everyone else but you should contribute to financially taking care of you and that includes adopting children so the government will pay you.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      Truth is, I had a job up until 3 years ago. I continued to work while caring for my children and allowing Seth to be able to attend school. I have lived the life of every stay at home mom, are we all just “using” our significant others?

      When it comes to adopting children for the money, that’s just ridiculous. Has Seth adopted children for the money as well? I loved my children before they were adopted and had no idea the money that does comes for them would be available until the adoption process was well under way. I love my children all the same. They are all amazing little people and I could not imagine life without them.

      Again, thank you for your comment! Please continue to read and enjoy!

      -Sabrina 🙂

      Oh and Please remember to Breathe 🙂

  2. trent

    sure is easy to leave a comment when you can hide behind the internet

    • trent

      i would imagine you would get far more respect if you attached your name to your comment

  3. Molly

    Harsh and uncalled for Anonymous.

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