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My family

Sometimes you wake and everything is normal again.  You feel like that terrible nightmare wasn’t real life, clearly, it couldn’t be…. And then you rub your eyes, take in your surroundings, and realize it is real. Everything that had haunted your brain during the night has really happened. There is no turning back, no changing anything, there is only moving forward. But forward is scary, daunting. My only choice right now is to embrace the scary. To refuse to let the ” I can’t” brain take over. Everything I do right now is a step out of my comfort zone. Every move I make is an entirely new world.

I apologize for not writing recently. I have this thing about not writing when shit has hit the fan, it makes everything all too real. If I hold it in maybe I can wake up from this terrible dream, but it clearly will never work. So here I sit, trying to let all those who have shared my journey with me in on this new adventure in my life.  I don’t know what to say. How do I share without sounding like I’m complaining (even if I might want to)?  How do I write every pain I have in my heart right now, but share all my small triumphs? As soon as I figure it out I promise I will.

For now, this is my little family. I am Thankful.



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