The Alone Life

So I’m a single mom of 6 kids, who’s interested??

Yup, that’s the opening line to my stand up routine… hence why I don’t actually have a stand up routine…

But really, who sees a mom to 6 kids and thinks “hey, I want in on that mess”?

Six kids… That is a lot.

Five kids sounded like a lot….

I’ve had it together for these past couple of months since Tag’s birth. I think where most mer mortals would have folded, collapsed at the exhaustion and stress, I excelled. I’ve always taken a challenge well and doing this “single mom to an infant plus five other kids half the time” thing was my biggest challenge to date. I’ve felt in control of my emotions and very “put together”, but not these last couple of weeks. Somehow I have turned into an emotional wreck every time a love song comes on. I cry, in public sometimes- Sabrina does not cry!

So what is it?  I have zero desire to date and zero time.

I am happy being single- While my friends are telling me “you just had a baby, you’ll be interested in dating later”, in my head I’m daydreaming about all the running adventures I will go on in this “later” they speak of.

I have no one to answer to, it’s pretty sweet. My kids roll with all my crazy antics: breakfast for dinner, last minute adventures, impromptu dance parties, and we have no one to judge us. No one to question why we spent money on unnecessary things. No one to check in with. No one to judge my kid messy car. No one to kibosh any stupid (yet fun!) ideas we have. We like it.

If I did have any free time a man is not what I would want to spend it on. I would rather spend more time with my kids, read more, run, go on adventures, write, maybe make that “money” thing everyone speaks of. So much to do, dating is not even close to the table…

So why the sadness as of late? I think I’ll chalk it up to my hormones being a mess post birth. Maybe exhaustion has finally built up enough and I can no longer ignore it. Or maybe it’s just normal? Maybe it’s normal to be sad you don’t have something everyone else (ok not everyone) has but not really want it in the end? Nah, it’s just hormones, I’ll take an extra placenta pill and call it a day.

There was an old woman who lived in a running shoe… I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.


All the man I need! (well… Tag and the 3 others I suppose)

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5 thoughts on “The Alone Life

  1. Oh, I hear you, honey. I raised my son alone. I had lovers, of course, but I didn’t have any long-term relationships until after he left for college. I was so happy all those years. As you mentioned, the freedom is exhilarating. Doing what you want when you want it, and never having to justify yourself to anyone. Such bliss! And we both turned out well. He’s a fine and smart and funny and wonderful young man. We never had much money, but what’s money, eh? Hang in there. And cry when you want. Tears are good. They’re healthy. So are hormones changing. It’s all good. Take care, and big vegan/running hugs to you. P.S. The pic of your son is too adorable (!!).

  2. I came across your blog when I googled “single parenting a large family.” I am recently single and have 6 children as well! My youngest is 1 and oldest is 13. I am an emotional wreck right now. Your first line of this post struck me to the core. I always say,” Hey, I’m single with 6 kids! Don’t I sound like a catch? Who wants all this baggage?”
    I just wanted to let you know that you are not “alone.” Even if you may feel like you are. There is someone, somewhere feeling the exact same way you do:) Enjoy your beautiful family 🙂

  3. Toni

    Sabrina! I love your blog…this post is so me 3 months postpartum, single mommy of 6! Hormones combined with normal stress of motherhood and then a large family can be overwhelming! But the pleasure of raising our future is so rewarding! Keep on walking tall!

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