Havasupai with a Baby

Decided to take Mr. Tag down to Havasupai Falls because, why not?


Packing for all day adventures is soooo simple with a baby… Note to self, babies’ need way too much stuff…


One of us was awake…

He did well for most of the hike in, nursing and sleeping like a baby does.




Another baby on the trail!

Per usual he was very uninterested in the awesome views…





No? Ok then….

At some points he was awake and even got to enjoy a little of the falls. Though is was a little cold for such a little guy.


Aaaand, back to sleep….

What I learned on the way out is 11 1/2 hours of my shannaingans is all he is willing to tolerate.


Awake baby on the trail!

While singing dancing and overall being crazy would keep him happy for a moment, he was unwilling to calm down totally until he was out of the carrier. -Sigh- Nothing like carrying a baby in your arms at the end of a 12 hour day on the CLIMB out….


But we made it. It was fun, and I learned I am terrible at taking care of my calories. With nursing him all day and hiking I need to figure out just how many calories I need so I don’t feel awful the next day. FOOOOOD! A work in progress!


You know the amazing feeling of cleaning yourself up and getting changed at the trail head after a long day on the trail? Yeah I don’t, but Tag sure does…


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17 thoughts on “Havasupai with a Baby

  1. Mariah Mecham

    Wow! How old was your little one when you went? I want to do the some once my little girl is born…

    • Almost 4 months. Doing it in a day with him was easy since he still slept a lot, not sure about camping down there with a little one. Have fun!

  2. Mckenzie

    Did you have to pay for him when you went? We are taking an almost 1 yr old

  3. Wow..!! I have so many questions. I would love to travel to the falls. I was discouraged when I researched and found out that it’s not gear for kids. I have a 10 year old and a 4 month old.

    • Well ask away! I think its great for kids as long as your 10-year-old can do the miles. Its very pedestrian (meaning not actually remote wilderness, theres a helicopter going in and out always) so if something unforeseeable happened you aren’t on your own. (not that I think you should go unprepared, just that it isn’t really as scary as some might make it out to be). Ask anything! Thanks for reading.

  4. Mac

    No more duck face, your very attractive and it detracts from that.

  5. When did you go and how hot was it? Our little guy will be 4 months when we plan to go but it will be in September so it probably will be way too hot. We have to option to leave him with family.

  6. Nate

    Do you have to pay for little kids / babies? I couldn’t find any info about that on the website.

  7. Fabio

    Hi, how old was your baby when you went to havasupai ? My wife and I have a trip planned for September and we are debating on taking our 6 mi th old baby.

  8. jessica rankin

    Did you have to pay for a pass for the infant?

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