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Children’s Books

Sometimes as a Mom your job is to stop and listen. As they scream and yell, slam door, and generally do everything in their power to stress you out, you have to see through it. You have to see the pain they are hiding, and it’s your job to figure out what is causing it. Despite the fact that Seth and I have set out to make the transition for our children as ¬†easy as possible, there are issues for sure. Each child is showing signs of frustration and stress, which I believe is to be expected. When I see this pain in my children it sends me straight to the book shelf. I am always looking for new fun books to help start conversations about feelings with my Littles or to simply remind them of what is important in the world.



Tonight I pulled out some for the coming days to share with my Little People. Books that I hope will help set them back on the track to feeling happy inside. Books I hope that will bring them back to “normal”.

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