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Dear Assholes of the Mountain,

While I believe there are many assholes of the mountain, I am only going to focus on a few. I don’t have time to write a book… maybe I should write a book?

I preach the gospel of spending time in nature. I am the for most advocate of getting your kids outside and having epic adventures with them. But, let’s be smart people.

In the heart of Phoenix we have Camelback Mountain. Per Strava, it is 2.2 miles round trip with 1,877 feet of gain. Yes, it is a beast! And while my training is calling for 10,000 feet of climbing or more per week, it is my new best friend. With this friendship has come a lot of stress on my patience, sanity, and overall tested my ability to not push people off the mountain… (seriously I would never do that… but some people make it hard not to…)

So stupid people who come to the mountains (any and all not just camelback)  for your selfies and bragging rights without real knowledge of etiquette or concern for nature- I call you out.

To the people with music blaring- You suck. I do NOT want to hear your crappy music and as a matter fact I would really like to listen for snakes. Thanks.

When a trail says “extremely difficult” there really is no need to ask the Ranger how difficult it “really” is. If you can’t look at the sign and say “eh?” and keep moving with confidence, get the fuck off the mountain and find something within your wheel house.

Up hill has the right of way. I actually heard someone tell his kid to move out-of-the-way of downhill hikes, um, nope. People going uphill should not be made to stop their momentum for downhill goers. Even when I’m runningdownhill, if it’s single track I will stop my run and pull off to the side, because it polite and my Strava isn’t that important.

Say hi! If you do not look at me and say hello I assume you are a serial killer. Now, if you look totally exhausted and like saying hello may take all your extra energy and you’ll die, I give you a pass. Otherwise, at least give a polite head nod and keep rolling.

To the parents/ relatives / friends with children- do not bring kids up anything that you can not do easily. If your ass can’t carry a kid down if something bad happens, you should not be there with kids. Listening to grumpy adults who are struggling themselves pressure tired children to keep going infuriates me. When it’s a summit hike and there are kids that clearly aren’t going to make it I get frustrated. Please take children to mountains, teach children about nature and caring for it. But, taking a child to something they are going to fail on does not instill a love for nature, it makes them hate it. Set them up for success.

Heat- you’re stupid. Look, I will be out running in the heat, so will my friends, but this is what we do! A novice hiker does not need to be out in 100 degree heat. AND—-

Kids in the heat??? This is child endangerment. Even I, me, this lady that does crazy shit with her kids, will not take my kids out in the heat. Over 95 degrees and the older ones could put in some miles, but the little ones will not be on the trails. And over 100? NO WAY will any of my kids be on the trail. I love my kids and value their lives… the risk is not worth any reward.

Please keep getting out into the mountains. Protect our public lands- protect our wild places- teach kids to love nature so they will do the same- but at least be smart about it.


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Yup… That’s how it goes…

Some days start out normally then turn to hot mess in a flash… You know, just to keep in interesting.

Yesterday morning was awesome. Let’s remember at this point Seth is still in Phoenix taking care of dog stuff so its just me and five crazy hoodlums. The kids played at the creek and left me pretty much alone to do a little relaxing, sweet! Except really you should always assume shit will hit the fan if you have it too good.

Yup I do it all.

Yup I do it all.

After lunch, we headed on a little walk to the grocery store to get food for dinner and a little snack before the kids did a couple loops on the Silverton 6,12,24-hour course. I mean I had “found” $20 in my pocket, didn’t feel like hitting up the thrift store, so opted for snacks and dinner.

Walk to the grocery store turned into ride mommy to the store. Tru needed a ride since he is well, a baby, and Tenny’s tummy hurt (thanks Lala and myself for teaching her this).

Always bring to Mei Tai's, ALWAYS!

Always bring to Mei Tai’s, ALWAYS!

Nectarine for a snack and something for dinner in the bag and we headed to the ski lodge so I could steal internet and the big kids could run, perfect. I scared my mom when talking to her on the phone about bears being in the area and that I hadn’t seen the Big kids for a while, So she told me that I needed to look… ugh.. damn kids. Apparently Tajh’s knee hurt so he wouldn’t let Tea run, slow lap, fine be done for the day just play. The kids playing feeding squirrels, me scared of rabies, but still getting work done…

Baby Kisses

Baby Kisses

The I hear Tenny screaming across the parking lot and Tajh is running her over to me repeating “Don’t look at the blood look at mommy! Don’t look at the blood look at mommy!”

I calmly stand, move to the steps and sit while I wait for Tajh to bring her the rest of the way.

I say: “Hey guys whats happening?”

There is blood, lots of blood. She may have lost the front of both big toes.

I stay calm and remove my Original Buff from my head.

“Tay grab my phone” (Yup I keep it calm and remember how important instagram is)

Letting go of fashion to help out my Little Lady. Gotta Love how Original Buff's are great for everything!

Letting go of fashion to help out my Little Lady. Gotta Love how Original Buff’s are great for everything!

Cover bleeding toes

try not to cry myself

I hate blood

Me: “Hey Tenny want to call someone while Mommy cleans your toes?”

Assholes dont answer!

Music? Yes Mackelmore Thrift Shop (yes I made that reference earlier, foreshadowing?)

Cleaned toes, post blog,  need to get back to camp… waited for a while for someone to show up so we could hitch a ride to camp (1/4 mile) but no one did.

Little Lady=Big Helper! But not all the way to camp unfortunately.

Little Lady=Big Helper! But not all the way to camp unfortunately.

Damn gotta walk… Wear Tru, carry Tenny. Tay is whining and limping because his feet are a hot mess too… awesome..

Back to camp, start dinner, bandaids on Tenny, vaseline and put socks on Tay, life is good again.

Feed kids, clean dishes, damn Tru has chili in his hair.

Undress Tru, Tea watch him by the creek while I take dishes back to camp.

Shit Tru is screaming “Tea what happened?” “I don’t know” ugh…

Wash Tru, bring him back to camp, oh shit Tay just fell out of a camping chair

and Tenny peed in one..

My life…

Is it bedtime yet?

+1 shows up, rewrap Tenny’s feet, get kids clean and in pajamas, send into tent.

Loud crazy sounds from tent and then very loud ABC’s- My kids rock

I think I lost my mind. Or i'm in an abusive relationship... really either one.

I think I lost my mind. Or i’m in an abusive relationship… really either one.

Then Seth shows up, at 9;30 at night… Yup I think I deserve mother of the year.

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What kids do when they don’t have a screen to consume them.

At home (before this crazy trip) we did own a tv. Along with that, we have a computer, iPad, iPhones, and a Kindle. Obviously we are on the “less than” end in the electronics department, but I like that. We didn’t have cable but we did have a DVD player. When people watched our children they were usually welcome to turn on a movie or two and on some Friday nights the children had  “movie party” where they watched a couple of movies before falling asleep. We are music lovers so that has always been huge in our house. Dance parties are a regular event and at times they also watch music videos for some songs. Basically, screen time was at a minimum in our house already, but even so having no option is a pretty large change.


The oldest two are huge readers. Tajh, especially, is known to try to bring a book to the dinner table. This problem is so bad (yes I call it a problem!) that my plan to “just get you new books at the used book store on our trip” is not working. This kid will read a book OR TWO a day, and yes he can tell you exactly what happens in each book. So at this point he has resorted to asking his little sister to borrow her books, or waiting until she falls asleep and “borrowing” them. Ugh… Seth has actually allowed him to use the iPad to borrow books from libraries which I myself am highly against. The little ones as well enjoy reading and are happy to have any and all books read and reread to them a hundred times. So my kids are readers… rough I know…

So when they aren’t hiking crazy mountains, running awesome trails, or reading, what do I do with them? Don’t they drive me crazy? Don’t I need a screen to babysit them so I can “get things done”? Well… they are playing of course!

Yesterday a game of choice was football. Although we do have balls with us (not a football though) they used each other as the ball. They played this for a while, giggles at how silly it was, and eventually moved on to new and different things.

They talk about books. Its kinda funny to hear Tajh and Tea having read the same books discussing them and deciding to act them out. For a while our dog Baya was a horse from the book they had both just read and they were all different people in the story. On our last hike we found an old train car and they had a great time talking about being in The Boxcar Children books and who would be which characters. I remember reading them the entire Chronicles of Narnia series and them loving to recreate the entire story and even the little ones being part of the game. The great worlds kids can create after being inspired by books is ridiculous, and sometimes if I don’t get a character too I feel a little left out!

They play in creeks, simply that. They get wet, make bridges, throw rocks. There are no rules here which is perfect!

Yes he did fall in eventually!

Yes he did fall in eventually!

She was "ice skating".

She was “ice skating”.












They build forts, and inform you its a “lean-to” not a house because that would have been more difficult.

Nicely built! Not that I'm bias or anything...

Nicely built! Not that I’m bias or anything…

They get dirty, because kids are suppose to!

This baby is never clean, but still cute!

This baby is never clean, but still cute!

They play with their little siblings, and even decide to wear them!

Making my life easier!

Making my life easier!

Two pretty Ladies!

Two pretty Ladies!













Now most of these things to do will not work for helicopter parents. You have to be willing to take a step back and let the kids just be kids. I try to never give my children the ideas for their games, as I believe they are much better at playing than I am. I like to sit back and watch them create a new world, actively engaged with the natural work, being children. Basically if you have no read Last Child in the Woods By Richard Louv, DO IT NOW! Awesome thoughts on how we need to send our children outside, to learn to love nature. I’m going to pat myself on the back and say I’m doing a pretty darn good job!


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And we are off!

Here it goes! This crazy, grand, amazing, extreme adventure in how to live life as awesome/adventuring/fun/kind/crazy divorced parents is underway.We spend yesterday out at Aravaipa Runnings night race Adrenaline, setting up then the big 2 and Seth ran. Unfortunately both Tajh and Tea ended up running alone at points, which at night is not much fun when you are little. Tajh finished the 13k but was pretty dehydrated  from the 100 degree temps at night. Seth ended up catching up to dehydrated, dry heaving, and generally sad/tired Tea. A rescue mission was hatched and my Lady Friend Lala and I picked them up. After some forced fluids by us parentals and some sleep my little Lady is doing well.

The plan for the next week for so is to hang in flagstaff, hike Humphrey’s and head to Silverton. The kids are stoked for none 100 degree weather and some creeks to play in!

Traveling with kids tip for the day- always be willing to smile and laugh no matter what happens. The plan is gonna change no matter what you do. Someone will go potty in their car seat, vomit, or scream the entire drive, your job to to choose to be flexible! (Coming from the Queen of control freaks!)

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