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And we are off!

Here it goes! This crazy, grand, amazing, extreme adventure in how to live life as awesome/adventuring/fun/kind/crazy divorced parents is underway.We spend yesterday out at Aravaipa Runnings night race Adrenaline, setting up then the big 2 and Seth ran. Unfortunately both Tajh and Tea ended up running alone at points, which at night is not much fun when you are little. Tajh finished the 13k but was pretty dehydrated  from the 100 degree temps at night. Seth ended up catching up to dehydrated, dry heaving, and generally sad/tired Tea. A rescue mission was hatched and my Lady Friend Lala and I picked them up. After some forced fluids by us parentals and some sleep my little Lady is doing well.

The plan for the next week for so is to hang in flagstaff, hike Humphrey’s and head to Silverton. The kids are stoked for none 100 degree weather and some creeks to play in!

Traveling with kids tip for the day- always be willing to smile and laugh no matter what happens. The plan is gonna change no matter what you do. Someone will go potty in their car seat, vomit, or scream the entire drive, your job to to choose to be flexible! (Coming from the Queen of control freaks!)

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How to make your child into an ultra runner

My mountain lovers

My mountain lovers

This is a difficult task but with two successes under my belt, I feel I am the perfect person to give advise. Obviously, you must start with a child, preferably your own. Next step is to make sure to get them running. Always push hard. When they cry, remind them how much of a girl they look like (even if they are a girl) and how terrible it is to cry. Withhold toys, food, family fun time, whatever it takes. Once they are ready (or before, no big deal) make them race. Make sure you see them along the course. Yell splits, (is that important in ultras?) tell them they are being beat, maybe even consume some terrible treats you wont let them have as you and your lazy ass don’t participate. Now when they finish, if they didn’t have a podium finish, be sure to berate them in front of everyone. Don’t let that little shit get away with sucking! What parents would? Be sure to always make them believe your love for them is dependent on how well they perform, but also make sure to never let them feel good enough.

Don't they look unhappy?

Don’t they look unhappy?

The reality is, for all you negative Nancy’s out there, you can not force anyone to run an ultra. Short of threatening their life, there is a passion involved in ultra running, a burning desire in one’s self to push beyond your limits. A desire to hit that wall that most people would use as a stopping point but instead to disregard pain and continue on. All commom sense tells you to stop, but an ultra runner learns to not listen and instead takes it as a challenge from their own body. Its not something that can be forced, even in children.

My oldest, Tajh, did his first triathlon at six years old. Despite my love for swimming, I could never sit through another triathlon after that. Running became our thing, and it has taken off from there. After some 5k’s here and there, we decided it was time for something real for Tajh. At eight, he decided to do his first 24-hour event at Across the Years. Never having done one myself, I knew I did not want to send him out alone. Although it is a one-mile loop, the idea of my son feeling the ups and downs of running great distances alone felt evil. If he felt pain, I sure as hell was going to too. It was a great learning experience for us all. As adults, most of us can handle the ebbs and flows with some grace. We can understand the pain is going to go away and keep trucking. For kids it is harder. Push through the pain? But why would I do that when I can go into my comfy tent and sleep? Although he did sleep, Tajh ended up completing 33 miles, and hasn’t stopped running since. Today his training is only when he wants, although he does swim and if there is a race coming up we do push a little more. This kids loves mountains and says yes to any run where he gets to get up high and explore. He has the passion for exploring of every great ulra runner.

Classic ultra runner "throw your shirt to your crew" move mastered!

Classic ultra runner “throw your shirt to your crew” move mastered!

Tea is her mother’s daughter. She jumped into the Silverton 12 hour race last year and spent the day begging people to do laps with her (although it was a looped course, at seven, we felt she needed an adult at all times). After 11 hours she had run 20 miles. I was floored, and she decided to call it a day. I had never thought of her as my possible ultra runner, but she showed me. She is now on her brother’s heels at all times. This girl puts her head down and takes care of business. Complaining is rare for her except when daddy is there (he’s a sucker). She hears about others children’s records and makes goals for herself, that’s just her. This girl has the heart of an ultra runner, no question, and some pretty amazing natural talent.

Did I mention she also has sick style?

Did I mention she also has sick style?

Little Tay has pushed his limits to a half marathon in 24 hours. He is a super fast kid, but hasn’t yet found the drive to push beyond, put all other life aside whether it be playing with friends or just hanging out, and just run. Will he get there one day? Who knows really, and honestly it doesn’t matter at this point. My children will always be encouraged to follow their passion. Risk and reward will be a constant conversation between their father and I, and, as parents, we will decide what is best for them. Never allowing children to follow what they love deprives them the joy, bliss, and learning experience it provides. Blah blah blah they have plenty of time when they grow up to follow their passion, I get it, but why make them wait? Is tomorrow promised? Is the possibility of missing valuable life lessons that could help them grow into an even more amazing adult worth it? Whatever their passion is, weigh the risk, think about the reward in the experience, and support them.

Suit jacket when running? No problem! Clearly these children at unhappy with being "forced" to run.

Looking awesome while running? No problem! Clearly these children are unhappy with being “forced” to run.

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My Crew

ing that is.

Today I head to Payson to crew my Exie and my +1 with my Exie’s +1


Yup, it's awkward...

Yup, it’s awkward…

Life would be super boring if it was always normal!

My Exie and my +1 Something its like there is a raging river between them... Oh wait...

My Exie and my +1
Sometimes it’s like there is a raging river between them… Oh wait…

For those of you new to the game… Seth is running Zane Grey 50 this weekend and so is my Man friend. Seth’s Lady friend and I will be crewing both boys together. What better way to get to know someone then playing the hurry up and wait game at an Ultra? Seth might want to be sure to run fast, I wouldn’t want to accidentally over-share…. just saying…

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My non-race report report.

It is funny this divorce thing. No matter how much Seth and I do not agree, no matter how strongly we feel we do not belong together, we still enjoy each other’s company. Yesterday morning, he spend the majority of time before school drop off grumpy with me. Not talking, not looking at, the whole 9 yards. Not an hour later, we were both chatting away. Sharing everything that had happened the day prior and having a good time. Seth stood in the walkway between out living room and kitchen and I sat on the kitchen table. Neither of us wanted him to leave. I wanted my friend to sit home with me all day and hang out and he wanted the same. Now don’t get me wrong, there are no false ideas on either of our part here. Sometimes you just want to spend the day with your friend, no worries no cares. Unfortunately, he had to go to work and I had children to take care of (not unfortunate) so we spent the day texting.

My friend!

My friend!

Over the weekend Seth and I wogged Aravaipa Running’s Crown King Scramble 50k together. Seth is a much better runner than I am, but decided to join my back of the pack party. Kimberly, Rachel, and I took the early start/drink and got the party started. Taking the late start and wrecking the first 10k of the course, Seth then stopped running and joined the lady party (smart man). We spent the rest of the time chatting, drinking (just the ladies) and all and all having a great time. For my first “real” 50k, I could not have imagined having any better of a time. Having Seth to place food in my hand and remind me how awesome I am was a huge help! I am not a person that signs up for races, I prefer to put my music in, put my head down, and slog some miles alone. Honestly, I may be a changed woman after all the fun I had!

Me saying "Hey guys, can't we just stay here?!"

Me saying “Hey guys, can’t we just stay here?!”

What is being reiterated to me more and more is that Seth’s and my friendship will mean everything to the kids as they grow. Us enjoying each other will keep all the drama out of things that normal divorced couples experience. I believe the kids getting to see their parents wanting to spend time together will alleviate any stress about what divorce means. As Seth and I are both entering into relationships with other people, this balance will become more interesting to handle. I know that when it comes to someone dragging my ass up a hill, currently I could not imagine anyone more fit for the job. Despites the occasional ups and downs I am thankful for my friendship.

He may be funny looking, but I kinda like him...

He may be funny looking, but I kinda like him…

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