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If you want to be a real Bully

Say it to my face.

I’m pretty sure that old Mommy mantra “If you don’t have anything nice to say” should be brought back. Why do people get so up in arms about the choices others make? The only real conclusion I can come to is jealously. It’s like little Timmy pulling Jenny’s pigtails, he likes her. Or when all the “cool girls” make fun of the girl that happily plays by herself, they are insecure and need each other to feel “OK”. ┬áThere is a great children’s book called “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” It talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket that they themselves fill and others fill when they are kind to them. It also talks about bucket dippers, those sad people who are mean to others thinking they will fill their own buckets, but it never work. So all you bucket dippers, take a step back and figure out why you are so unhappy. Shoot, I’ll help you!

First and foremost, making fun of my son’s long hair is not OK. He is a child. Yes he is a little boy with long hair, is that wrong? He loves his hair and is happy, that is all I ask. Let’s think back to the 70’s when all the bands had long hair, did we call them girls? How about native American men who choose to stick with their culture and keep their hair long, is that wrong? Bullying a 10 year old (even though is cyber bullying and he does not see it) is just wrong. Does it make you feel better about yourself to put him down? Are you jealous because society tells you how to live and you wish you could be free and live how you want? He is smart, kind, loving, fun, an avid reader, and a happy kid. He happens to enjoy his hair long. If you genuinely can not tell he is a boy, please take a look at other context clues. He wears “boy” clothing while both my girls are dressed very “girl”. So please remember when making fun of him for having long hair that he is a child, you are an adult, behave like one.

Yes we call our son the “drunk frat boy”, it’s funny. ┬áHe behaves in the same way any 2 year old does, like a drunk frat boy. Seriously, lets all calm down here. Toddlers are funny as they are learning their place in the world around them, remember the terrible two’s? I have learned in my 10 years and parenting 15 children, you have to laugh. You have to find someway to deal with the crazy things your kids throw at you. Tru is very much learning the way of the world and his place as the youngest of 5. He is learning to use his words instead of screaming for what he wants, he is learning patience and that things don’t always happen as fast as he wants. He is learning that things don’t always go his way. There are funny things he does, and if you really think about it he is like a drunk frat boy. The amazing thing about this blog is, if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.

In general saying mean things about others is wrong. Feel free to read my blog to judge me, but just think for a minute about where your judgement comes from. I have done all my research, been a parent to 15 children throughout the years, and I believe in my choices. Tajh and Tea both attend an amazing private school that they tested into. They are smart, well read, social, and a joy to be around. The moral of this is, judge me if that makes you feel better, but attacking my children is cruel and unkind.

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