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Bad Activity parent

I’ve written about being a terrible park mom—

These days I’m begining to notice I am a terrible “activities mom”

I often don’t stay and watch- I have stuff to do.

I don’t try and fix them- That’s the coaches job.

When I am there I’m usually doing something else- Life

In the middle of my amazing busy day I stopped to grab food and headed to the barn to pick up my rider. As I dilly-dallied walking in I found it odd my daughter’s horse was in the walker already…

Two parents looking extremely upset “Did Teagan call you??”

Me, looking very confused “nope”

And they precede to tell me about her terrible fall. My response “Im sure she’s fine”. The horror on their faces in response to my casualness is indescribable.

Que Teagan walking up, me looking at her clearly broken arm, and calling her dad to get her into the doctor right away.

At no point did I look concerned, because I really wasn’t. Maybe it’s having 6 kids, maybe it’s being a mom for 15 years now, maybe it’s just how I handle life. It was broken, there wasn’t anything we could do about that in the moment, and life keeps moving.

It’s awful that she had to break her arm. In reality it’s bound to happen and we can be thankful it’s just a broken arm this time.

So what did this lesson teach me? My daughter knows me too well and clearly felt calling me to let me know she was injured would not make me drive any faster…


Because a broken arm shouldn’t stop you from kayaking….


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Slowing down.

I have this thing with always trying to make every trip as epic as possible. I need to go all the places, do all the things, and end up stressed about not doing enough… Having a 2-year-old is a great reminder to just slow it down. On a recent Mommy and Me trip so southern California we took the toddler pace and had a blast! With one big trek up a snow covered San Jacinto Peak and a lot of tiny hikes on tiny legs we had a great time connecting with each other and taking things slow.

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