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My Shitty Night.

It’s been three weeks of living outside and I have yet to have a good nights sleep. Normally I’m ok sleeping in a tent, but it just isn’t going well this time… Well until last night….

In the tent I have one extra sleeping bag to throw over people if the night gets extra cold. Last night the temps weren’t too terrible and I got to use this sleeping bag as a pillow, GLORIOUS! I was out! Warm, comfy, dreaming amazing dreams…

“Mommy, can you help me get in my sleeping bag?” says Tru. “Of course Buddy” and I reach for him… Back story, for the past week Tru has had “sick poop”, which means pooping 100 times a day (maybe a little less) and it just being not “normal”.

As I reach I smell a smell “Hey Buddy, did you poop?” Tru “No”… Because asking a 4-year-old if he pooped in his sleepy state is going to get you a truthful answer…. Skip to me having an itch on my face and rubbing it HOLY SHIT! Yes there is SHIT everywhere and now SHIT on my FACE!

That wonderful night of sleep is now ruined…

Tru is stripped naked and wiped with his clean clothing. Tea wakes and gives me her extra long sleeve shirt (thank goodness for Tea) and Tajh offers me his reading light so I can take a better look at things (my kids rock, except of the shitty ones.. (ok they rock too when they haven’t pooped everywhere)).

My comfy pillow is not Tru’s new sleeping bag, he wears only Tea’s long sleeve shirt (and is sure to remind me he isn’t wearing pants). I find there is poop ALL over my sweater so that along with all Tru’s stuff is thrown outside the tent. The top of my sleeping bag is a mess so I roll it a bit and only use it for my feet… Who needs warmth?

I guess, no sleep for this Mother… Everything is now clean, the kids are headed back to Phoenix for a while with their Dad, and I need a nap… *Sigh*

The glamorous life of a Mommy…

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Yup… That’s how it goes…

Some days start out normally then turn to hot mess in a flash… You know, just to keep in interesting.

Yesterday morning was awesome. Let’s remember at this point Seth is still in Phoenix taking care of dog stuff so its just me and five crazy hoodlums. The kids played at the creek and left me pretty much alone to do a little relaxing, sweet! Except really you should always assume shit will hit the fan if you have it too good.

Yup I do it all.

Yup I do it all.

After lunch, we headed on a little walk to the grocery store to get food for dinner and a little snack before the kids did a couple loops on the Silverton 6,12,24-hour course. I mean I had “found” $20 in my pocket, didn’t feel like hitting up the thrift store, so opted for snacks and dinner.

Walk to the grocery store turned into ride mommy to the store. Tru needed a ride since he is well, a baby, and Tenny’s tummy hurt (thanks Lala and myself for teaching her this).

Always bring to Mei Tai's, ALWAYS!

Always bring to Mei Tai’s, ALWAYS!

Nectarine for a snack and something for dinner in the bag and we headed to the ski lodge so I could steal internet and the big kids could run, perfect. I scared my mom when talking to her on the phone about bears being in the area and that I hadn’t seen the Big kids for a while, So she told me that I needed to look… ugh.. damn kids. Apparently Tajh’s knee hurt so he wouldn’t let Tea run, slow lap, fine be done for the day just play. The kids playing feeding squirrels, me scared of rabies, but still getting work done…

Baby Kisses

Baby Kisses

The I hear Tenny screaming across the parking lot and Tajh is running her over to me repeating “Don’t look at the blood look at mommy! Don’t look at the blood look at mommy!”

I calmly stand, move to the steps and sit while I wait for Tajh to bring her the rest of the way.

I say: “Hey guys whats happening?”

There is blood, lots of blood. She may have lost the front of both big toes.

I stay calm and remove my Original Buff from my head.

“Tay grab my phone” (Yup I keep it calm and remember how important instagram is)

Letting go of fashion to help out my Little Lady. Gotta Love how Original Buff's are great for everything!

Letting go of fashion to help out my Little Lady. Gotta Love how Original Buff’s are great for everything!

Cover bleeding toes

try not to cry myself

I hate blood

Me: “Hey Tenny want to call someone while Mommy cleans your toes?”

Assholes dont answer!

Music? Yes Mackelmore Thrift Shop (yes I made that reference earlier, foreshadowing?)

Cleaned toes, post blog,  need to get back to camp… waited for a while for someone to show up so we could hitch a ride to camp (1/4 mile) but no one did.

Little Lady=Big Helper! But not all the way to camp unfortunately.

Little Lady=Big Helper! But not all the way to camp unfortunately.

Damn gotta walk… Wear Tru, carry Tenny. Tay is whining and limping because his feet are a hot mess too… awesome..

Back to camp, start dinner, bandaids on Tenny, vaseline and put socks on Tay, life is good again.

Feed kids, clean dishes, damn Tru has chili in his hair.

Undress Tru, Tea watch him by the creek while I take dishes back to camp.

Shit Tru is screaming “Tea what happened?” “I don’t know” ugh…

Wash Tru, bring him back to camp, oh shit Tay just fell out of a camping chair

and Tenny peed in one..

My life…

Is it bedtime yet?

+1 shows up, rewrap Tenny’s feet, get kids clean and in pajamas, send into tent.

Loud crazy sounds from tent and then very loud ABC’s- My kids rock

I think I lost my mind. Or i'm in an abusive relationship... really either one.

I think I lost my mind. Or i’m in an abusive relationship… really either one.

Then Seth shows up, at 9;30 at night… Yup I think I deserve mother of the year.

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Random non 14er Talk

A quick fill in to keep you all up to date! (seriously I know you can’t live without my words!)

After finishing Redcloud I knew I would need a little break from big mountains (I’m still possibly maybe, kinda broken and not willing to risk real injury and count myself out of all the fun for the rest of the trip). We headed to Ouray and decided sleeping in the car instead of setting up all our camping stuff would be best.

Sneaky Lady!

Sneaky Lady!


We found a nice little cooking spot and I perfected my biscuits and gravy recipe. All the little people love kicking it by the creek, throwing rocks, building stuff, and generally being hoodlums. I love the ease in cleaning dishes! (don’t judge I have a lot to clean…)

Hoodlums and to shenanigans I'm sure.

Hoodlums and to shenanigans I’m sure.


Jealous? Just come by, I'll cook you up something yummy too.

Jealous? Just come by, I’ll cook you up something yummy too.














Our awesome side of the road sleeping spot also brought some new friends!

New friends!

New friends!


The big 2 took a run up the Camp Bird road with Daddy (part of the Hardrock course) and enjoyed some fresh waterfall water and some awesome views. It was in small part a reconnaissance mission to see if this crazy Mom would be able to make the drive to the trail head for Mount Sneffels, a 14er that would be super fun! We began the drive and I made it to what looked like a crazy turn, huge drop off, and gnarly overhang… needless to say I freaked and backed out. Seth and the kids were awesome to take it on by foot, I’m thinking it might be a go… maybe…

They love exploring on foot!

They love exploring on foot!

While they ran, the little 3 and I hung out. Tay found his first snake in the wild! Apparently he even gets scared! He was the awesome little brother that he is and watched over the snake until Tajh came back so he could share in the awesomeness.

Kickin it Tenny style! "Mommy why can't I jump into the creek from here?!"

Kickin it Tenny style! “Mommy why can’t I jump into the creek from here?!”

Snake! Tay was "still shaking" for a while after the spotting.

Snake! Tay was “still shaking” for a while after the spotting.













After this big adventure we headed into Ouray to wander the streets and play in the Hot Springs. This was a big promise after our Redcloud summit for the kids and I have to say they were not disappointed! Both Tru and Tenny just finished ISR (youtube it) swim lessons and had a great time swimming, floating, and showing off!

After another night in the car, it’s Father’s day and Seth and the children are off exploring together while I do this silly blog thing!

I have to say, being homeless now for over a week now has been amazing. No plans, no obligations, just riding whichever way the wind takes us is pretty freeing! Not sure what tomorrow holds, but I can tell you it will probably be epic!

Do I look homeless or crazy? Maybe both?!

Do I look homeless or crazy? Maybe both?!


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We made it into Silverton on Tuesday evening. We came in late, so it was already dark by the time we got into Town. We decided that it would be easier to sleep in the van since most of the kids were already asleep anyway and the idea of setting up camp in the dark did not appeal to either of us.

We spent the morning at a coffee shopping updating our last blog and allowing the children to explore the town. One thing I truly love is allowing our children to be a little more “free”.  They shared conversations with people, looked in window shops, and we wrote and somewhat “got our shit together”. It was decided at that point they we needed to go big, so why not head out to Lake City. We drove the four hours and set up camp with two options for the next morning, Redcloud and Sunshine peaks, or Handies, Sabrina’s arch nemesis.

Feral Children!

Feral Children!

Redcloud was our first 14’er that we decided to tackle. The trail to the peak was about 3.5 miles and then went on another mile and a half to Sunshine Peak, an adjacent barely 14’er (14,001’). We hike about two miles in starting from our camp at the Grizzly Gulch/Silver Creek Trailhead. As we rose above the tree line, we came into an absolutely surreal basin that led us up to a saddle where the climb became truly challenging (both steep and challenging terrain). This last mile had us climbing 1,500’ to the summit over loose rocks and sheer drop-offs into the basin on the opposing side of the saddle that we had climbed. Each with a 30lb kid on our backs and three littles on their feet, this was nerve racking to say the least.


Our home for a couple nights.

Our home for a couple nights.

This guy looks ready to hike!

This guy looks ready to hike!













–A digression from Sabrina- I HATE hills. It’s bad. Like when I am running the smallest little “hill” (speed-bump) gives me the excuse to walk. Yup… I’m a giant girl… Even worse though is my absolute fear of any and all downward slopes. All that comes into my head whether is be at a baseball stadium in the upper level, a concert, silly little hill, roof top, is me slipping and rolling down. Obviously, I knew these mountains that we were going to tackle would have both of these two dreaded things, but I knew I had to tackle them. So… I cried… a lot. About 500 feet from the summit I just lost it. There was a switch back that literally came to the sheer edge of the cliff and all I could think about was myself, Seth, or one of the kids on the way down loosing footing and slipping off the edge.

Anxiety attack at 13,500 feet. Clearly Tenny wasn't bothered by my breakdown! Nice shot by Seth!

Anxiety attack at 13,500 feet. Clearly Tenny wasn’t bothered by my breakdown! Nice shot by Seth!

I could not get myself together for a good couple of minutes. Eventually Seth came down, and I waved him off, stood up, and kept on trucking. I find that even though my children see me at the depths of a panic attack, they also see me stand up, face the fear, and keep moving. I feel like I show them fear is something you push through, not something you sit in. Although on the inside I may have still been a giant girl!

Boys at the summit! Tru couldn't be bothered to wake up for the event.

Boys at the summit! Tru couldn’t be bothered to wake up for the event.

Girls at the summit! I stopped crying (almost) for the picture!

Girls at the summit! I stopped crying (almost) for the picture!












We hit the summit around 12:45pm. There was a brief discussion about heading on to Sunrise Peak, however, storm clouds approaching from the West quickly settled that. The hike down was nerve racking for many. The grade along with the slippery terrain was a bit much at times. While making our descent some small snowflakes graced us with their presence which was a welcomes surprise for all.

Scary clouds!

Scary clouds!

As with all our descents the moral was lifted. The kids were happily spotting marmots and enjoying playful conversation with each other.  It’s amazing what children share with you 5 hours in at 12,000 feet!

Break Time!

Break Time!

Happy kids!

Happy kids!














Lessons learned from Redcloud-

-Sabrina will cry at 13,500 feet, probably every time

-Tay will bonk an hour in to every hike, plan accordingly

– All the children really want to do is play in the snow patches

– The children do not like dates in Sabrina’s camping banana bread

Yum! Well not the dates apparently...

Yum! Well not the dates apparently…


-8 bean/tortilla rollups

-2 packages Clif Black Cherry shot blocks

-3 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Crunch Bars

-2 Squeeze packs of apple sauce

-2 Chocolate Chip Clif Bars

-5 Strawberry Clif Twisted Fruit bars

-1 Strawberry Stinger Waffle

-1 Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bar

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And we are off!

Here it goes! This crazy, grand, amazing, extreme adventure in how to live life as awesome/adventuring/fun/kind/crazy divorced parents is underway.We spend yesterday out at Aravaipa Runnings night race Adrenaline, setting up then the big 2 and Seth ran. Unfortunately both Tajh and Tea ended up running alone at points, which at night is not much fun when you are little. Tajh finished the 13k but was pretty dehydrated  from the 100 degree temps at night. Seth ended up catching up to dehydrated, dry heaving, and generally sad/tired Tea. A rescue mission was hatched and my Lady Friend Lala and I picked them up. After some forced fluids by us parentals and some sleep my little Lady is doing well.

The plan for the next week for so is to hang in flagstaff, hike Humphrey’s and head to Silverton. The kids are stoked for none 100 degree weather and some creeks to play in!

Traveling with kids tip for the day- always be willing to smile and laugh no matter what happens. The plan is gonna change no matter what you do. Someone will go potty in their car seat, vomit, or scream the entire drive, your job to to choose to be flexible! (Coming from the Queen of control freaks!)

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Camping Food Vegan Style

Feeding 5 children is a lot of work. Feeding 5 children healthy food takes even more time. Feeding five vegan kids healthy camping food is near impossible. Making Littles wait for a meal can result in full-on mutiny. Tables will be turned, rivers of tears will flow, and, in effect, the world will come to an end.

Or they just look at you very sadly…

"Please Daddy, can you cook faster?"

“Please Daddy, can you cook faster?”

Being vegan in our house means actually eating healthy food. Not to say we don”t fry things or indulge at times, but for the most part it’s a lot of fruit (I mean way too much!) and everything green!

Homemade guacamole w/a spoon=Happy baby!

Homemade guacamole w/a spoon=Happy baby!

We always try and keep in minimal so when we camp I usually cook all meals on a small 2 burned camping stove. Being homeless for 2 1/2 months I just felt this was something I couldn’t handle and we needed to splurge. Luckily, Seth loves my cooking and happily agreed. Behold my new love:



So I’ll give you some of my camping food secrets. For me, it’s all about green veggies, olive oil, salt, and TONS of garlic! Pictured above it some asparagus I first cooked (which means charred) with some salt and oil, added a shockingly large amount of garlic on top, and cooked a little longer. Another favorite is camping kale:



Again, cook with salt and oil until crispy and delicious!

Its basically a kale lollipop!

Its basically a kale lollipop!

Tenny informing me she will be needing more.

Tenny informing me she will be needing more.

Cooking delicious camping food is awesome, except when everyone eats it before you get some…

No more for Mommy... :(

No more for Mommy… 😦

Our new toy came with a dutch oven as well. I’m pretty sure I have a lot more playing to do before we leave and a lot more delicious food to taste test! I believe the extra space this stove will take up in our giant white van will be well worth the amazing food we will be able to create! New cooking adventures to come!

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