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The Love Story

Classic as it is, Seth and Sabrina met sophomore year of High School. He liked her because she was loud, crazy, and not afraid of getting in trouble. She liked him because he was innocent and seemed easily corruptible. They dated, moved in together, broke up, she got knocked up, and they got back together. Tajh was born when they were 19 years old, Teagan came at 21, and Tayer (the orangie) followed at 23. Seth decided to get fixed, they decided to foster children, and they eventually adopted Tennyson and Tru. Somewhere in there at 26, they got married, while skydiving that is. Normal is not in these two’s character and the pattern has continued. In 2011 this love story came to an end as they both realized they were not meant to be husband and wife. Continuing with the “out of the box” thinking they decided to live together still and have for the past 2 years, raising the children together. This past year has brought much change and now a new adventure is born. Divorce papers are signed and now Seth and Sabrina plus Tajh, Teagan, Tayer, Tennyson, Tru, and their dog Baya are going to be homeless, all summer, on purpose. Between racing ultramarathons, climbing crazy peaks, and simply enjoying being this off kilter family, this summer will be jam packed with fun, love, memories and hopefully some great insight into how to follow your own path.


Well, that was the story…. But now it’s just little old me, Sabrina, and all my Littles. We adventure together half the time while the spend the other half with their Father. This blog is now about me and coming to terms with the new world I live in. Everything these days is a new adventure. From having time to myself, to parenting alone, nothing in my life is what I thought it would be. Follow my crazy adventures in learning to be a grown up and putting my life together as a single, ultra running, vegan, unemployed, Momma to 5 amazing Littles!

Photo by the awesome flintland.blogspot.com

Photo by the awesome flintland.blogspot.com


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Craig

    Hi there – my partner Katie and I along with our dog coco were hiking with you on Redcloud. Glad you made it to the top and down safely. It looked like no problem for you all and we were very impressed. So much so that I thought that offering you help would have been offensive. I have a picture of you on the saddle just below the summit – if you would like it just email me. Happy adventures. Craig Katie and Coco.

  2. chayla kloog

    You guys are awesome….Seth & Sabrina

  3. Kimberly Dudley

    Saw Seth and children at the Blvd. motel in Costa Mesa 2 days ago. Then saw your van and checked out your website. Your family looks so cool and amazing. Loving your blog!

  4. Miss Fanny P

    wow! what a life. Enviable 🙂

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  6. Robyn

    It’s refreshing to read your blog. I am inspired by your life, strength, and honesty (or at least what you are putting out there on the blog). I am a tad envious of your little lady’s passion for running… wish my little man (almost 8) had a little more interest.

    Keep your head and spirits up 🙂

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