Couch Surfing

Everyone has had that friend that crashes at you place “just for a night” and 2 weeks later they can still be found on your couch,    Well lets try this, multiply that time 7, would you let them stay? Seth and I are currently on a mission to find out, how long can 2 adults and 5 kids couch surf before we severely overstay our welcome.

Since getting back a week ago we have been intensely looking for a place to live. Our plan of not having anything figured out before our homeless summer was cute when we started, but now seeing the housing market here it’s scary to say the least. Renting is our only real option currently and rentals are priced high and getting renters quickly. What doesn’t help is walking into a home with 5 kids and 3 animals, clearly we are not the ideal renters. So we continue to search, but in the interim a new experiment was born.

Currently we are splitting out time between Seth’s Mom’s house and my best lady friend Lala’s.  The kids have had many social events leading up to school starting so that has kept us all pretty busy together during the day, along with the house searching. Needless to say we are not use to this heat so meltdowns and grumpiness are pretty regular. We both try and be as helpful as possible at our respective crashing spots, but how long will people really put up with us?

In just a few days Seth leaves to run Cascade Crest, a 100 mile race in Washington. The kids and I will be here still doing the school thing and all. My biggest concern is couch surfing for 7 days, alone with 5 kids while Seth is gone. Just the simply tasks of putting 5 kids to bed is made that much harder in a home not your own. Add to that that my little people are use to sleeping in a tent or car makes things even more difficult.  Breakfast creates that many more dirty dishes, which uses that much more water to clean them, which costs that much more.  At what point does someone say “enough is enough” to this homeless gaggle of peeps?


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