Phi Beta I’m 4 and I do what I want.

While my 2 year old is a drunk frat boy (read that explanation if you haven’t already)-

My 4-year-old Tennyson is basically a gaggle of drunk sorority girls….

1. She squeals a “WHAAAATT!” when you try to get her to do something she doesn’t feel she should be doing.

“Hey Ten please pick up your dirty clothes”

“WHHAAAATTT!!!! I can’t do that, why do I ALWAYS have to do that”

2. She is constantly in a “Oh my goodness I need to pee now, I’m going to cut in line” state. And freely announces said urge in front of anyone.

3. Her make-up technique usually results in “clown face”.

“Look Mommy I put make-up on, with marker!”

4. Her hair usually looks like she rolled around in the grass as her friends yelled at her to get up so campus police doesn’t catch them. (Which often times this is exactly what she has done to cause crazy hair, except it was just me telling her to get up so she would stop embarrassing me in public)

5. She has borderline violent outburst when she thinks someone has taken something of hers, but in reality it’s usually in her hand.

6. She falls asleep in the middle of parties

7. She likes to take her clothes off,  in public, and sees nothing wrong with it.

8. She loves to dance on tables (clothing optional).

9. She loves singing in public and has no qualms trying even when she has no idea what the words are.

10.  One minute she can be telling me how much I hurt her feelings and how mad she is at me and the next she is hanging all over me, hugging me with some much force I’m afraid for my own safety, telling me how much she loves me.

She may be sassy, but boy is she cute!

She may be sassy, but boy is she cute!


Clearly, a drunk sorority girl. Hopefully she will outgrow this in the next 14 years… Hopefully….

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