Disney Nerd Alert!

It’s true, we are Disney nerds. At first look it not what you would expect. Disney somewhat embodies everything we don’t like: loud, crowds, commercialism, screen time for kids, …… But yet, we love it. Being at Disney just makes you happy. We have had up to7 kids at Disney, how do we do it you ask? Well here are my tips!

Phone number– Write it on their arm in Sharpie (preferably under a sleeve). Even those old enough to remember can forget when lost and scared. This will make them getting back to you a lot faster of a process, other adults or a cast member can call you. We always tell our children before hand if they do get lost to find a cast member or a mother with children and ask for help. (what mom wants to take another kid on, they will be happy to get them back to you!)

Clothing– Dress them in the same color. I am all about being an individual so don’t force them to wear exactly the same thing, just make sure when your eyes go looking for your little people you have the same color you are scanning for. Saves time as well when someone is lost and you are describing what they are wearing to a cast member to help find them.

Food– Kids will eat what you offer if they are hungry, fill them up the best you can on things brought from home and save money! If they are already full from food you brought, sharing food and buying less can help your money go a long way. Feel free to spluge on yourself if buying less for the kids! FYI Disney has some great vegan food, and Starbucks!

SnacksJustin’s Nut Butter, Larabar, Nuts, Go Go Squeez, Peanut butter bread (with jelly if you do that)

Water– We always have an adult caring a pack, but the big kids each have one too! They are all able to carry some snacks so you can lighten your load! Our little please all use a Camelbak.

Planning– Fast passes can be your best friend, use them wisely! Have you heard of rider switches? If you have little ones that can’t go on a ride, one of you can wait with them while the other goes on.  Make sure to let a cast member know then you can get a rider switch and your other adult can go on. It’s good for two people so you can get creative with who goes on rides when! Sometimes we have a bigger kid who lucks out and gets to go on a ride twice!

Long lines– Plan snack time while waiting and always do a potty break before or at the beginning of long lines. If one parent gets in line and the other takes everyone on a potty break, you can usually excuse your way up to the other adult without anyone getting too upset.

And always remember to have fun! Even if it’s stressful, busy, you don’t see everything you would like, it’s still Disney!

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