To All The Haters…

I got a lot of crap before Tag was born for my “crazy ways” and “silly ideas”. Let’s remember, I have 5 other kids (and way more that came in and out during my fostering days) yet some people just knew I was making huge mistakes. No swings? No crib? No bouncer? Clearly I am insane! You cloth diaper? Well I’m bringing you disposable anyway, “just in case”.



I’ve done this before.

It’s rude. It’s not “being helpful” or thoughtful. If I say no and you don’t choose to hear my words, it’s disrespectful.

So to all those that did not believe I knew what I was doing, Tag has survived to nearly 7 months old…

Without a bouncer, swing, walker, jumper, bassinet, stroller, or even a disposable diaper!

I have held him, worn him, or set him down on a nice soft spot when needed. I’ve washed his diapers, by hand even, and never needed to use any throw away ones.  He has survived!

He is a happy healthy little man, even a little advanced if I do say so myself. (and I do, because I’m his mother)

You raise your baby your way, I’ll raise mine my way.




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3 thoughts on “To All The Haters…

  1. Joe Endres

    Once again you are one of my favorite people, keep doing what you do so well….. 🙂

  2. Ohhhh, Tag is soooo cute! P.S. I never used a swing/bassinet/disposable diapers, etc., I did everything “wrong” and yet my son turned out just fine. In fact, he turned out brilliant–he’s doing his PhD work at Stanford. So just keep at it, honey. Follow your heart and love your kids in the way you do best.

  3. Messy Wawa

    Love this. I used a bouncer and jumperoo sporadically in times of need but loved holding my son so much he stayed in my arms 99% of the time. People thought I was mad!

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